You Should Never Answer If Someone Asks “Can You Hear Me?” On The Phone

Creepy phone calls are never welcome… There is new scam going around and if you get a phone call asking if you can hear them, you need to put the phone immediately!

According to DailyMail these scammers are tricking people to say/answer “yes” when they are asked if they can be heard and using that to con them. These scam is taking a swing in America and it’s a big issue and its spreading all over the world.

This is pretty much how it goes… a person calls you from a local number, probably lying about a believable place of work and also providing a fake name. Then he will ask an innocent question like “Can you hear me?” and await you to confirm by saying “yes.” Then, they will record that “yes” and use it into a verbal contract so they can trick you out of large sums of money. If you try to fight against their charges, they will just play back the recording of you saying “yes” and you’ll lose the case!

Soo… if someone call you and asks “Can you hear me?” and it’s not your mother or grandmother, hang up!

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