What This Guy Discovered In a Forgotten Cold War Nuclear Bunker is Terrifying!

Olaf is a kind of person that spends his free time exploring abandoned places all over Norway, but this time was different then the others…. according to him, he almost lost his life!

Fortunately, Olaf lived to tell the tale so people like you and me can enjoy his adventures in the comfort of our own homes. He has a YouTube channel especially for this where he uploads all of his adventures. If you are into this kind of stuff, you should visit his channel.

In the video on the next page, we can see Olaf exploring a colossal Cold War bunker built deep inside of a Norwegian mountain littered with fungus and mold all over the walls.

This bunker is haunted place, a forsaken labyrinth of tunnels and rooms filled with nothing but murky water on the floor. Only light in this bold adventure comes directly from Olaf’s torch.

Whole time throughout his whole adventure in this Cold War bunker, Olaf is exposed to the kind of fungus you don’t want to breathe, white killer fungus. That is the reason why at the end of the video we can see how Olaf wears a mask that prevents him from inhaling the toxic fumes.

All I can say… Olaf you are one crazy MF and braver man then me. Watch the video bellow.

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