This is What You Get For Asking The Wrong Guy To Photoshop Your Pictures

We are all well aware of the potential and capabilities of Photoshop. You can make pretty much anything you like… hell, you can put a cat on a motorcycle! Why not?

If you are not that good at Photoshop don’t worry, there’s still a way to make your pictures look awesome. Just PM Photoshop wizard James Fridman via Facebook or Twitter and he will do exactly what you ask from him… literally!

The Tank Dude

Well… he asked for it. He is behind there somewhere! I’m sure next time he will be more specific.

Ironing Board

You asked for it mate, now go and buy yourself a bro bra.

American Dream

This is too funny! Hilarious!

Date Night

Be careful what you wish for!


Why would someone want “Bushy” eyebrows!? 😀


Safe journey! She’s on her way to JewPeter! LOL

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