Remember The Starving Kid Left To Die By His Parents? He Just had His First Day Of School!

Back in January 2016 a Danish aid worker that worked on a rescue mission in Nigeria, discovered a starving kid that was on the edge of death.

A photographer captured that haunting moment and we can see how she (the Danish aid worker) tilts a water bottle towards the starving young boy. Year later that same boy is starting his school adventure fully recovered. Recreation of the haunting picture shows just how far he’s come.

After finding the boy on the street of Nigeria, Anja Ringgren Loven the Danish aid worker named the kid Hope. She works for an organization called “Your Relief” that helps children labelled as “witches.” Those kids are often tortured and killed by their own parents because some of the religious leaders accuse them of witchcraft!

Watch the pictures below and see how one year of love and care can change a person.

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