Drinking Just Three Glasses of Champagne Could Help Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Recent science studies have found that drinking just three glasses of champagne can help a lot in preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Apparently, a compound that is found in Pinot noir and Pinot meunier grapes that is used to make bubbly, is believed to prevent the onset of the brain disease.

The results are based on an experiment that involved rats. The whole research was published by well-known academics at Reading university.

They found that people who regularly drink champagne up to three times per week could boost their spatial memory. Now, they hope they can continue their research on pensioners.

Everyone is excited about this research because the results are so dramatic. The research show how moderate consumption of champagne can influence cognitive functioning as memory.

Of course, this study is incomplete and we would be more than happy to volunteer if needed 🙂

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