After 720,000 Attempts And 6 Years Later, This Photographer Finally Took the Perfect Shot!

Alan McFadyen is avid and passionate wildlife photographer. He was on a mission to capture the perfect photo and finally he did it! He did it after trying for 6 years and 720.000 attempts. It took him around 4200 hours to take the perfect shot of a kingfisher diving into the water without a single splash!

For the local newspaper McFadyen said: “The photo that I was going for not only that it required for me to be on the right place at the right time but also the bird needed to get it perfect. That’s why this is a very lucky shot.” Every day was a failure, I would go and take 600 shots and not single one of them be any good until that one perfect shot! Now I realize just how much work I have done to get it!”

McFadyen was inspired by his grandfather to love the nature and wildlife. His grandfather took him as a kid to see the kingfisher and since then he was fascinated just how magnificent these birds are!

These are some of the “failed” attempts. The perfect shot is on the other page!

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